Interview for Chemistry World
I have released an interview for Chemistry World, the chemistry news magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (read the interview…)

Bioplastics market forecast to surge ahead by 2017
The European bioplastics market is predicted to surge from around 1.4 million tonnes (annual production capacity) in 2012 to approximately 6.2 million tonnes in 2017, according to the Board of European Bioplastics (read more…)

Study: Consumer decisions dependent on crowd size
Recent research in the American Marketing Association’s Journal of Marketing Research finds that, as the environment becomes more socially crowded, consumers show an increased preference for products with safety connotations. A crowded environment causes consumers to process marketing messages differently and actually appear to become more averse to risk in general (read more…)

Web lines: How the open loop torque control sets winding tension
There are many winding machines that do not use closed-loop tension control in the winding process. Most of these machines request input of starting and taper functions of winding tension and calculate the complex function desired tension versus roll diameter or winding speed (read more…)

Sustainability is toughest packaging challenge today
An online survey conducted by DuPont finds that worldwide, one of the biggest goals of CPGs and packaging converters is to reduce their package’s environmental footprint (read more…)

Sustainability initiatives exceed expectations
The majority of businesses say that the benefits resulting from their sustainability initiatives have exceeded expectations, according to an international survey by Accenture (read more…)

World Protective Packaging to 2014
World demand for protective packaging will rise 7.8 percent per year through 2014. Advances will be stimulated by an upswing in manufacturing activity and the continued proliferation of Internet shopping. The US will remain the largest national market while China grows the fastest (find more…)


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