Industrial collaborations

My research activity at Packlab is aimed to put in practice new ideas that can possibly be delivered on the market.
This would be a hard task to achieve without valid industrial partnerships. Besides several industrial collaborations, mostly related
to specific projects, particular relevance covers the fruitful collaboration with Metalvuoto spa, which is a small-medium company
specialized in metallization and water-based coatings deposition. The implementation of our results in the lab can take place thanks
to the continuous sharing of new ideas, strategies, and technical aspects with the whole research & development Metalvuoto team.
We have been collaborating for approximately 4 years and many outstanding results have been achieved uninterruptedly since.
In particular, our joint effort has produced two major coating systems, both protected by international patents: 1) a new family
of sealants totally obtained from bio-macromolecules and 2) high gas barrier hybrid coatings obtained from the combination of
natural molecules and inorganic components. Within these two groups, two products in particular have already found commercial
application so far.